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We believe that women are the change makers in society. We believe that oppressed, disenfranchised, underserved and traumatized women have the potential to be healed, empowered and serve as leaders and teachers within their communities. We believe that these women can change the world.


In the last year we have given away over $15,ooo in scholarship funds thanks to our supporters who have made it possible for women with little means to become trained TIMBo facilitators. We can not express strongly enough how life saving this type of donation is for a woman who feels that her life is destined to be one of suffering. Below is a gratitude letter from a trainee to her scholarship angel:


“The TIMBo Training has awakened a new hope for my own healing and a new vision for my life’s purpose. My perception of my history as complex trauma survivor is slowly transforming from one of tragedy to one of deep meaning. What has until now felt like pointless suffering begins to appear as a vast resource. I am being shown through this program that the depth of empathy my experiences have opened up in me can be a healing force through which I might serve other women in pain.
I feel particularly moved to share how profoundly the example of the TIMBo trainers has affected me. The balance of strength, grace, vulnerability and competence they all express through their service is a wonder and an inspiration to behold. These women are new heroes for me, models for the woman I now feel empowered to strive to become.
I offer my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you for making this experience possible for me. I simply do not have the resources to pay for something like this at this juncture in my life and I want you to know how powerfully your gift is serving me…and how sincere my prayer is that I may grow from this experience into a TIMBo facilitator that can spread light and love to women struggling in the dark.”


By becoming a Scholarship Angel and subscribing to TIMBo nation you will be directly influencing the reach of this program. For every woman that completes a TIMBo certification training, dozens more can be helped by this program. 100% of TIMBo Nation subscription dollars will go into our training scholarship fund.

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