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TIMBo Online: What to Expect

TIMBo Online: What To Expect:

Welcome to TIMBo Online! Thank you for being a part of this exciting new platform for improved connection and health—mental, emotional and spiritual. We are considering this 8 week program a pilot (the full program is 16 weeks), which means that we are learning how to best deliver the full content in half the time in the most impactful way that we can. The below information is intended to help you clearly understand what to expect from the program, what we expect from you and helpful info to make things go as smoothly as possible. See you online!

What is TIMBo Online:

TIMBo Online (pilot) is an 8 session mindfulness based intervention that includes mindful discussions on topics such as compassion, fear, confidence, shame, awareness and perspective. Discussions also include how and where emotions are felt and manifest in the body and incorporate breathing techniques to help in creating full body awareness. TIMBo sessions always close with a short, simple and gentle asana practice followed by a guided meditation. The TIMBo program is trauma informed and gender responsive (designed to be suitable for women who have experienced trauma) and is appropriate for everyone, regardless of an individual’s exposure to trauma or experience with yoga. The full TIMBo program has been proven to decrease the symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD and increase rates of self-compassion. TIMBo participants receive a workbook which is used during each session and to which they can refer between sessions and after the program ends. The TIMBo program can be attended multiple times as it is applicable to your current emotional, physiological, and environmental state and there is always room to cultivate more self compassion.  The TIMBo online program provides a very solid foundation should TIMBo participants choose to train to become facilitators of the program. Groups meet once a week for 1.5 hours each.

*TIMBo Online is not a training or a continuing education style course. It is not a webinar or an instructed course, or an experience for those seeking tools for their clinical practice.

Are you ready for this program?

TIMBo Online is not a good fit for everyone. To experience the full potential of the TIMBo program, individuals must have the willingness and desire to engage in a personal journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery. During the TIMBo program, individuals may experience some emotional challenges or discomfort as a necessary part of the transformational journey.  TIMBo Online allows individuals to experience the importance of being present and holding space for themselves and other group members, while sometimes “being uncomfortable” as a necessary part of the journey towards health, healing and recovery.

TIMBo Online is beneficial for anyone who is willing to show up with an open mind, a willingness to accept themselves and others each moment of each session and the courage to cultivate awareness without judgment in regards to how or what they are feeling.  TIMBo Online is  “trauma informed” which means that it is suitable for individuals who have experienced trauma or who have traumatic stress. In accordance with trauma informed programming, TIMBo online is structured, repetitive and though your presence is required, your active participation is entirely voluntary. TIMBo online is suitable for individuals who have never practice yoga or meditation, who do not have the ability to read or write.  The yoga postures are simple, repetitive mindful movements paired with breath, allowing participants of all abilities to feel the benefits of a gentle yoga practice.

TIMBo is a program that cultivates a compassionate connection between the body and the mind as well as creates a connection between group members. You will find that you begin to look forward to connecting with your TIMBo group during the week as the group and sessions begin to give you a sense of well-being and feeling grounded. The TIMBo program will allow you new insights, understandings and compassion for yourself and for those around you. It will affect how you are in relationship with not only yourself, but those around you. I provides powerful and effective tools for becoming a more present and compassionate parent, partner and colleague yet it is unlike any program out there. TIMBo is unique in its simplicity as it uses the innate wisdom and intuition of the group members to effect change in one another. It is a program that assumes we can trust individuals to arrive at healing thought patterns and behaviors through the safety of the group and the ability of the practices to help integrate new learning. It is truly revolutionary.

*TIMBo Online is not suitable for individuals who are not willing or able to commit to the weekly 1.5 hour sessions


TIMBo is a progressive program, it is important to be present for each session as the curriculum builds upon itself. The entire program is a journey that has a beginning, a middle and an end—you can expect the beginning (first 3 sessions or so) to feel the most uncomfortable and that is a normal part of the overall process.  In addition, the curriculum has been deliberately designed to utilize mindfulness practices for integration of new learning and discoveries that come from the discussion. You will be marked absent if you are not present for the entire 1.5 hour session. If you unable to connect in via video conference we can call you into the group without the video via your cell phone.  The program tuition is non-refundable and we ask that you do your best to attend all 8 sessions of the program.  We have put this policy in place so that you may have the best chance of success with the program, and to build trust, safety and connection in the group. The sessions are accessible on home computer, smartphone, ipad and by phone if necessary. In addition, our research team cannot use the crucial data we collect if the program is not attended consistently and fully by each participant.

Research Surveys

The TIMBo program is proving to be a powerful program for reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression and PSTD—while increasing self-compassion.

It is our hope that the 8 week verson of this program is as powerful as the full 16 week progrom. Additionally it is our intention to prove TIMBo as an evidence based program and help this curriculum become a standard method of treatment for holistic health. Our research team is tirelessly dedicated to collecting data on each and every participant in order to help us reach our goal. Before the start of the TIMBo Online program, you will receive an email from our team with a series of surveys to fill out. You will receive these same surveys at the end of the program and our team will use this anonymous data to show the world what this program is capable of. Though your participation is voluntary, we do appreciate you helping us with our goal.


The TIMBo program has a copyright, therefore all copy and distribution rights are reserved for yogahope exclusively. You are not permitted to make any copies of your books for any reason. If you have an individual therapist that you would like to share the curriculum with, we suggest you show him/her the book and suggest that he/she become trained as a certified TIMBo facilitator if interested. Alternatively, if any of you are engaged in DBT or the 12 steps of recovery programs, the TIMBo curriculum is a very powerful addendum curriculum to these treatments and again, you may share the content of your own personal TIMBo workbook with your clinician. We appreciate you understanding and honoring the restrictions of this copyright.

Calling In

It is very important that you set aside time to video conference into the TIMBo group each week. However, technology is not always on our side and if you have slow internet your video and audio will be difficult to view/hear. Please keep your phone nearby so that if you are having trouble with internet, we can call you and invite you in by phone.  Please have earbuds when you call in.  


Your TIMBo sessions may periodically be recorded or otherwise “observed” for quality purposes. These recordings/observations are only for the purposes of providing evaluation and feedback to the facilitation team. You will be notified of any sessions that are to be recorded or supervised. Recordings will be destroyed once evaluation is complete.


The confidentiality of your TIMBo group and the discussions that take place during the 8 sessions is very important to us. Facilitators are trained and required to maintain confidentiality and to only speak of what takes place in the group with their co-facilitators and supervisors if it is relevant to evaluating and refining facilitation skills. As group members, it is also important to honor the confidentiality of the group. We do not discourage you from speaking about your personal experience or process with supportive people in your life, but please refrain from speaking of anyone’s experience but your own. Your TIMBo group becomes a sacred space where you can feel safe, connected and understood.

Refund Policy

With advanced notice, provided you have not yet received your TIMBo workbook you are eligible for a full refund if you are unable to attend the group. Once you have received your workbook and/or there are less than two weeks until the start of your group your payment is not refundable unless A. we can fill your spot and B. you mail your workbook back to us. Once the group starts (beginning with the orientation meeting) you are no longer eligible for a refund for any reason.