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yogaHOPE is engaging in a partnership with the Rona Foundation located in Rural Kenya. Like yogaHOPE’s past successful projects in Haiti and Tehran, this training empowers the women of Rona to deliver the TIMBo program to groups of peers within their community.

In the midst of culture, traditions, and customs, related to death, widows in Kenya are caught in diminishing practices and forced to undergo dehumanizing rituals, rights and ‘cleansing’ acts that remain unspoken. Their suffering is deep, and cuts across the society. Stigma is real, both from the learned society and the uncivilized alike. Widowhood is the only place where the bond of ‘mother & child’ is broken, when sons & daughters disown their mothers when they are not inherited or cleansed or both.

Rona Orphans & Widows Advocacy Centre, set at the perishing lakeshore village of Wagoma in Bondo, Siaya County; Kenya, is dedicated to helping communities of widows and orphans in Kenya. Rona is actively reviving a dying village with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, by running various orphan and widow support programs to heal and empower the community. The centre will be the location for phase 1 of the TIMBo training in February of 2017.

After over a year of conversations and planning, yogaHOPE is ready to bring the TIMBo training to the women of RONA. The training model, successfully completed in Port-au-Prince and the rural northwest of Haiti (where over a thousand women regularly attend the TIMBo programs facilitated by Haitin community leaders) will provide a long term sustainable program for well-being within communities of women and children in rural Kenya. Like the rural region of Haiti, thousands of women and children will be positively impacted both individually and within family and community structures as a result of the TIMBo program and education.

We have invited individuals who believe in our mission and believe in the power of TIMBo to help us raise a portion of this training project budget and in exchange these individuals will be eligable to travel with us to Kenya and participate in this training.

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TIMBo Kenya 2


In spring of 2015 yogaHOPE began its partnership with the OMID Foundation (Tehran, Iran), an organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged young women from Iran and Afhanistan. yogaHOPE trainers began replicating the train the trainer model we successfully utilized in Haiti (see below) and will be returning this year to complete a training with  young women from Iran and Afganistan in bringing the TIMBo program to their communities! Phase 1 of this project was a huge success and the girls are eager to continue their TIMBo journey. Updates on this project will be provided as the program rolls out.

Tehran Art Project


In 2012, yogaHOPE partnered with local AMURT-Haiti (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team), an NGO with 25 years of experience working in Haiti, to help vulnerable communities break the cycle of poverty. AMURT-Haiti and local partner LOCAL-Haiti (Local Capacity Alliance) work to build the capacity of teachers, child-care providers, and community leaders through an integrated project-based pedagogical approach.

This partnership brought the TIMBo program to trauma survivors in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The implementation of the yogaHOPE TIMBo program in Haiti incorporates a “train the trainer” model in which Haitian community organizers, teachers and trainers are trained to become facilitators who can implement the program in a culturally substantive and relevant manner. In November 2012, 22 Haitian trainers completed the extensive 100-hour training and are among the first group of TIMBo facilitators. In January 2013, the AMURT-Haiti trainers began to implement TIMBo through five community groups of approximately 20 women each. Both yogaHOPE and AMURT-Haiti are committed to implementation of this program in an attempt to provide a positive means of coping in the wake of complex traumas.

Expansion of the program continues in Haiti as seen in the film below. In early 2014, the women in this film began introducing the TIMBo program to over 500 women per week in the remote northwest region of Haiti. The program continues to grow as we head into 2015.




“I don’t know if everyone here feels the same way as I do. Each time, they say take a (yoga) position. Then I take the position.  Since (the moment) that my eyes close, I feel like there is something going through me. Like having my heart in my  head. I lay down with both eyes closed. I feel a sadness attack me slowly like a leaking faucet. Then I feel my body “unfrustrate” and a hand is caressing my head, and then my body start to release.”—TIMBo participant in Haiti. April 2013