Healing Ourselves through Personal Empowerment

Program Info Sessions

We are happy to be offering webinars and info sessions on the TIMBo theory, methods, and trainings. See and hear an introductory overview of the principle theories and methods behind the TIMBo program and why it is so effective. Learn how you can train to become a facilitator and what you can do with your certification once you are licensed. We’ll answer questions to help you understand the program, your potential TIMBo future and training schedules, requirements and timelines! Watch the recording of our recent info webinar by clicking the link below.

TIMBo Theory and Method Info Webinar


“I noticed my body and it felt like my blood was boiling. I remembered our group and told myself to breathe. I was able to calm my body and step away from the situation. Without knowing how to do this I know I would have ended up in the hole again. I know my anger is what got me in here. I am so grateful to be in this group” ~ TIMBo participant at MCI Framingham