Healing Ourselves through Personal Empowerment

Our Facilitators

Our U.S. Licensed Facilitators

Becoming a certified licensed TIMBo facilitator takes commitment, and we are thrilled that after our first year of offering trainings we have over 75 fully trained TIMBo facilitators. Our TIMBo facilitators include community leaders in Haiti, inmate peer support leaders at a women’s prison on Massachusetts and innovative leaders from communities in New England who saw TIMBo as a way to empower themselves to bring healing to the people they care about.

We are also excited to share that many of our facilitators are using TIMBo Methods in the private clinical practice and TIMBo facilitators are offering the TIMBo curriculum in private sessions. Whether you are more comfortable working over online video platform, in person, privately, in groups or with a clinician, there are many ways to receive the healing power of TIMBo.

For referrals of TIMBo informed therapists and TIMBo facilitators or groups please email info@yogahope.org