Healing Ourselves through Personal Empowerment

TIMBo Certification

Upon completion of the 100-hour Certified TIMBo Facilitator Training, you will be eligible to complete your certification exam. Once you pass the exam, you may then purchase your certification license to start your journey toward healing and empowering the communities with whom you choose to work.

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“It’s been amazing how much the TIMBo training has continued to transform me and my relationship to the world…I am feeling connected to my human family and the experience of being human with such a deepened appreciation for what that means.”

yogaHope TIMBo Standards of Practice

  • The yogaHOPE TIMBo program is to be delivered by a licensed yogaHOPE Certified TIMBo Facilitator and a licensed co-facilitator. All licenses and CEU requirements much be current
  • The yogaHOPE TIMBo program is to be delivered to an all-women group of a minimum of 5 women and a maximum of 20 women and led by an all-female facilitation team.
  • The yogaHOPE TIMBo program is to be offered in 1.5 to 2.5 hour time slots. Groups may meet once a week for 16 weeks, twice a week for 8 weeks or once a day for two weeks—unless otherwise approved by yogaHOPE.
  • No part of the yogaHOPE TIMBo program may be cut, skipped or truncated.
  • All yogaHOPE TIMBo sessions must conclude with a gentle asana practice and meditation.
  • All yogaHOPE TIMBo program groups are closed. No new women may join after the introduction sessions have concluded.
  • Participants who miss two consecutive session and up to three sessions total must withdraw from the group.
  • TIMBo Facilitators must provide one workbook to each participant. Upon start of the program, the workbook becomes property of the participant. Workbooks are a tool and reference for the participants. To purchase more workbooks go HERE