How to Use a Yoga Ball to Strengthen Your Core, Flexibility and Balance

yoga ball

Yoga balls are versatile fitness tools that can be used in a number of ways to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance. Also known as exercise balls, stability balls, Swiss or Pilates balls, these inflatable rubber balls are a staple piece of equipment that can be used to support various workouts and poses.

Back Extensions

Back extensions using a yoga ball are an excellent core exercise that helps strengthen muscles in your lower back. They also help improve posture by reducing slouching and promoting good spinal alignment.

This exercise is a great alternative to traditional back extensions on a bench and works the same muscles in your core. It is important to perform this exercise with correct form to prevent injury. This is especially important when performing this exercise with weights. Excessive weight can put a strain on smaller muscle groups and lead to injuries.

Start this exercise by lying face down on a stability ball. Keep your abdominals tight and extend your legs behind you on the ball, hip width apart. Your body should form one long line.

Knee Tucks

The seated knee tuck is one of the most advanced ab exercises that you can perform using a stability ball. It requires a high level of core, chest and shoulder strength to be performed correctly.

Adding the use of a yoga exercise ball adds additional challenge to this abdominal move. It also forces the stabilising muscles to work harder to maintain balance and reduce the risk of injury.

It is important to choose a professional-standard, non-toxic and latex-free PVC ball that will not burst during exercise. Look for small bubbles on the surface that indicate an anti-burst feature. Also ensure that the ball is stable on your thighs and feet by placing it on a firm surface with sufficient friction. This will prevent the ball from rolling away from your thighs and potentially injuring you.

Inverted V-Shape

A yoga ball is a large, inflated exercise ball that can be used as a prop or for core strength training. It also strengthens and improves balance. These balls are available in various sizes and made of PVC, rubber or some combination of these materials. They are often referred to as stability balls, Swiss or exercise balls.

The key to styling this body shape is balancing out your broad shoulders with volume in the hips and bottom. Flowy fabrics and patterns help visually slim the shoulders, while shirts with wrap-style tops or sleeves and necklines that are deep or narrow help reduce shoulder width.

Although a yoga ball is generally considered safe, it can be dangerous if punctured with a sharp object or if you have a medical condition that causes your blood vessels to tighten and restrict your circulation.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Performing the single leg glute bridge on a yoga ball increases hip stability, while also challenging the core. Training one side at a time also helps prevent muscle imbalances which can lead to visual disproportions, decreased athletic ability and increased risk of injury. Begin the exercise lying on your back with your knees bent hip-width apart and feet flat on the ground. Raise the hips up to the ceiling, squeezing the glute muscles, then slowly lower the hips to return to the starting position.

Previous research has found that bridges performed with 135 degrees of knee flexion on the dominant side displayed greater hip muscle activation from the semimembranosus and semitendinosus compared to other positions. Perform the bridge for 10 to 15 repetitions, resting a few minutes between sets.

Side Twist

A yoga ball, exercise ball, Swiss ball, fitness ball, balance ball, birthing ball or pezzi ball is a piece of gym equipment that helps strengthen and tone core muscles. It also improves posture and encourages correct body alignment.

Incorporate a yoga ball into your workout routine to target different muscles and strengthen areas of the body that may not get enough activity. They’re also used in a variety of Pilates and yoga exercises to add challenge and variety to workouts.

When choosing a yoga ball it’s important to find one that is proportional to your height. This ensures it’s fully inflated and will not pop under pressure during your workout. Our swiss balls are made from anti-burst PVC and supplied with a foot pump for fast & easy inflation before classes & workouts.