How Does a Woman Empower Other Women?

woman empower

Women empowerment is a process that allows women to acquire and exercise power over their lives and make strategic choices. This empowers them to achieve economic and social progress both locally and globally.

From Afghani girls fighting for access to education to big wave professional surfer Keala Kennelly carving her own path, women are taking a stand and demanding action.

1. They Know Their Worth

Women are powerful contributors to their own lives and the lives of those around them. But in order to empower others, women must first understand their own worth.

Empowered woman know that they are worthy of everything they want in life, including happiness, love, and a sense of purpose. They also know that they are able to accomplish their goals on their own terms without anyone else’s help or approval.

Women who are empowered are not afraid to show their emotions as they recognize that it’s a strength to be vulnerable and honest with oneself. They are also aware of the importance of being generous and giving back. This can be as simple as saying thank you to a teacher, picking up coffee for a new mom in your office, or supporting mothers dealing with rowdy kids in public.

2. They Love Theirself

A woman empowers other women by loving herself, inside and out. She is gentle with herself when she forgets something or makes a mistake, and she keeps negative self-talk at bay because she knows it is just as damaging as judging someone else.

She loves her flaws as much as her strengths and is confident enough to be vulnerable in front of others. She understands that sharing her own struggles and triumphs helps her friends feel less alone, as well as inspires them to take risks and follow their dreams.

She is also a strong supporter of other women, and she will be the first to give her time, talent and money to a female-founded business. She knows that when women work together, they can accomplish anything.

3. They Take Action

Empowered women have a vision of their life that they want to create, which means they are taking action to make it happen. They also have a community that supports and encourages them. Success isn’t ever achieved alone, so a woman who is empowered surrounds herself with others that can coach, guide, and influence her for the best outcomes.

One way to support and empower women is through educating them. Education provides women with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed, as well as enables them to negotiate better for themselves in the workforce, exercise more decision-making autonomy within households, and participate in public life.

Women can also be empowered by ensuring that they have access to clean water resources, jobs with good pay and flexible schedules, and cultures of respect and equity in the workplace. You can help by supporting and donating to women’s empowerment organizations.

4. They Give Back

Women are a critical component of thriving societies and economies. But despite their vital role, women still face significant barriers to empowerment and participation. This is why it is crucial to support charities that work on women’s empowerment.

For example, you can help to provide a girl with access to education by supporting organizations like MEDA. You can also help to fight for equality and human rights by donating to WILPF.

Businesses that care about gender equity can demonstrate their commitment to the issue by committing to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Learn more about how you can join 3,788 businesses that have already signed on to this pledge. This includes promoting equal pay for equal work, advancing gender-responsive supply chain practices and requiring sex-disaggregate reporting.

5. They Are Confident

A confident woman is unafraid to put herself out there. She knows she has a precise idea of what her goals are and she pours her energy into them. She is also aware of the things that are important to her, like her values and morals, so she stands up for them.

She doesn’t feel the need to fit into a certain cookie-cutter mold or dress in a particular way to impress other people. She dresses for herself, listens to the music she wants, and goes to the events that make her happy.

She is a natural-born leader and loves to help others succeed. She is always thinking about how she can contribute her time, talent, and treasure to those in need. She is a true philanthropist and never expects anything in return.