Yoga Moves to Strengthen Your Back and Spine

yoga moves

There are several types of yoga moves that will strengthen your back and spine. Many of these exercises can also help relieve headaches, relieve pain and improve balance. For example, a forward bend will help improve circulation to the head, which can relieve the symptoms of a migraine. It will also strengthen leg muscles and increase hip flexibility. In order to perform this move, you must stand with your feet wide apart and hands on your hips. Lift your chest and spine until your fingertips are parallel with your toes. Once you’re comfortable, straighten your arms and gaze forward.

The standing forward bend is one of the most common poses. Start by standing over the long side of a yoga mat with your feet about three to four feet apart. Next, you need to bend your right knee over your right ankle. This will align your right ankle with the arch of your back foot. Then, you need to lift your left foot and angle it 45 degrees to the right. Hold the position for 10 breaths and relax your muscles.

Next, you need to practice the thigh external rotation. The thigh should be parallel to the front surface of the mat and your elbows should be straight. Then, take a deep breath and stand back up. Alternatively, you can use a block to help you maintain your balance. In addition, you can use a folded pillow to add extra cushion to aching knees.

The tabletop position is another great pose for back pain. To perform this exercise, you need to be on your knees and elbows below your shoulders. Make sure you have equal weight distribution and spread your fingers. You should also spread your fingers wide and press them into the mat. You should try not to let your elbows touch the floor, but rather try to keep your elbows away from it. Similarly, if you’re experiencing low back pain, you can modify the pose by pushing your tailbone toward the ceiling and pressing the top of your feet into the mat.

The seated leg raise is another yoga move that helps you tone your abdominal muscles. First, you need to be in a seated position. Your legs should be together. Then, you need to hold your elbows against your sides. Next, you should squeeze your abs. Next, you should try lifting your arms and legs off the floor. After that, you should slowly lower yourself to the floor and lower your arms.