Healing Ourselves through Personal Empowerment


Q: Do I have to be a certified yoga instructor?

A: You do not have to be a certified yoga instructor to take these training and to get your TIMBo facilitator certification. A familiarity with yoga practice is helpful, but not necessary.

Q: Will I be able to use the skills I learn right away?

A: You can immediately apply the TIMBo principles to your work and life. But you won’t use the actual curriculum or other TIMBo materials until you are a licensed TIMBo Facilitator.

Q: I am a social worker/volunteer working with a vulnerable population. Will I be permitted to bring this program to the group I already work with?

A: Once you complete the TIMBo training and obtain your license, you can use the curriculum with any population that you wish. If you are with an agency, contact us about an agency training.

Q: What is an agency training?

A: An agency training is a training held at your social service agency which allows five or more staff members to be trained for a lower cost to the individual trainee.

Q: I am a private practitioner and would prefer to work with individuals instead of groups. Is that permitted?

A: Individual delivery of the TIMBo Curriculum and/or TIMBo theory and method is included in the Standards of Practice section of the license agreement. We are currently designing flash card prototypes for private practitioners to use with clients.

Q: How do I find out about TIMBo modules and how long will the certification process take?

A: We  have the TIMBo training schedule on this website that lists the modules as they are scheduled. For information on the individual modules go HERE.

Q: What is the difference between the module training and the online training?

A: The module training takes place in person over the course of three separate four day trainings. The online training takes place via google hangout and meets once a week for two ours at a time. The middle phase of this training involves a mandatory four day module in Ipswich, MA. For more information go HERE.

Q: What is the difference between TIMBo and trauma informed yoga?

A: Trauma informed yoga is a carefully considered modification of asana practice (what western culture calls yoga) geared to enhance and empower the ability of trauma survivors to inhabit their bodies and shift their internal feelings of helplessness. TIMBo includes a short trauma informed yoga practice as a part of a larger curriculum. The curriculum is built on research based methods and theories of trauma and early psycho-social development, and is trauma informed and gender responsive. For more information on the methods, theories and trainings of TIMBo please go HERE.

Q: Is the yogaHOPE facilitator position a paid position?

A: When you are certified and obtain your license, you may set your own fee for your program participants. In some cases, organizations may pay your for providing TIMBo at their facility.

Q: I do not live in Boston. Is there a way for the TIMBo training to be offered in my home town?

A: Many individuals are beginning to have success with grant proposals and fundraising to cover the cost of travel and training. Contact us at info@yogahope.org for a sample grant proposal and budget narrative.

Q: What is the difference between online training and the TIMBo online program?

A: The TIMBo online program is the actual TIMBo curriculum over google hangouts. For more information go HERE.

Q: Can you explain why your program allows touch for trauma survivors?

A: The TIMBo circle takes place over the course of many weeks whereby group participants develop a sense of trust in relationship with the facilitators. Unlike traditional “drop in drop out” yoga classes the TIMBo group is a closed group, allowing for time to establish feelings of safety and trust. Group participants are not touched until several weeks into the program as to allow for the building of safe relationships. The majority of feedback from participants in regards to the touch is that it is the first time they experienced supportive, nurturing touch with no conditions.