Yoga Pants and Leggings – The New Athleisure Trend

Yoga pants are comfortable, soft and can help you stay focused on your workout. They also are more breathable than other types of workout bottoms.

They also do not pill as easily as cotton and synthetic fabrics, such as leggings, do. However, they can still develop pilling after long wear and use.


Unlike jeans, which often require a separate belt and sweater, yoga pants are designed to fit snugly against the body without causing discomfort. Their breathability and sweat-wicking properties keep women comfortable while they push their physical limits in class. The flattering fabric accentuates curvaceous hips and thighs, turning any bumps or bulges into attractive physical characteristics.

Many of the fabrics used for yoga pants are made to reduce overheating, prevent odors and promote airflow. They also come in a variety of colors and designs to suit any style. Some have pockets for essentials, adjustable waistbands or ankles and other comfort-boosting features.

Look for fabrics that are durable and breathable, and consider a cotton-synthetic blend rather than pure cotton or cotton-polyester. The combination of fabrics is less prone to pilling, where the weaker cotton fibers migrate to the surface and shed off. The addition of synthetics increases the elasticity of the fabric, reducing the chance of chafing or irritation.


With the athleisure trend gaining momentum, leggings and yoga pants have become a regular part of everyday attire. These pants and tights have become stylish with a wide range of hues, fabrics and patterns. They can be worn for work, running errands or just hanging out with friends. Some people even prefer yoga pants over jeans for its casual, comfortable look.

The popularity of yoga pants has set off modesty alarms among some Christians, who point to the New Testament for instructions on a woman’s wardrobe. These rules range from covering shoulders and thighs to avoiding a body that could attract lust in men.

Some yoga pants are skin-tight and made of breathable fabric such as polyester and spandex, while others are thicker and more like leggings. They are available in a variety of colors and styles and cost similar to leggings. Some come with pockets that are handy for holding a cell phone or keys.


Before leggings became the fashion item they are now, people wore them to stay warm in winter and as delicate undergarments. But some companies are starting to market yoga pants as fitness leggings, and the lines between the two are blurring.

Both yoga pants and leggings are usually made from performance fabrics that are designed to move with the body during exercise. They may include spandex or lycra, as well as nylon, cotton, wool, and other lightweight, smooth materials.

They might be patterned or solid and either close-fitting or form-fitting. They might have a flat or elastic waistband and a drawstring. Some have gusset inserts — triangle- or diamond-shaped pieces of fabric sewn into the crotch to prevent the seams from touching and creating pressure points that could cause chafing, rashes, and odors. Some also have pockets, which can be useful for holding keys when running errands after class. Some have a wide range of sizing and waistband cuts, so that people can build their own pants according to their needs and preferences.


Putting on a pair of yoga pants can give people the burst of motivation they need to exercise or participate in activities that promote fitness. Wearing them can also help people feel better about their bodies and lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

People may choose to wear yoga pants during a wide variety of physical activities, such as aerobics and martial arts. Some may prefer them over leggings because they offer more room to stretch and bend when doing acrobatic exercises.

However, it’s important to select yoga pants that are breathable and wick moisture. Wearing tight yoga pants that do not wick moisture may increase the risk of jock itch and intertrigo, a condition that causes inflammation in skin folds. In addition, wearing synthetic polyester yoga pants can cause yeast infections in susceptible individuals. MNT follows a strict product selection and vetting process, and only recommends safe and effective products. Learn more here..